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Xanax sexual side effects

Xanax sexual side effects
Xanax is mainly used for short-term withdrawal of anxiety and fear, and as part of a comprehensive treatment of melancholic mood. This medicine relaxes the muscles due to the influence on the central nervous system. There is moderate sedation, normalizing the state of the autonomic nervous system.

If you violate prescribed doses or personal intolerance, the adverse effects of Xanax may occur.

Drowsiness (or vice versa, hypersensitivity, excitement), drowsiness, headache, dizziness, depression, shaking hands and feet, maladjustment of movement, concentration, appetite disorder, confused conversation
Liver dysfunction
Delay or urinary incontinence
Among the sexual side effects of Xanax, there are the following.
• Changes in libido (14.4% reported a decrease in libido to only 8% of those who did not take Xanax).
• Other types of sexual dysfunction (7.4% of people taking Xanax reported a problem with sexual function, but 3.7% of those who are not taking medication).
• Menstruation abnormality.
After experiencing any of the side effects above, seek medical assistance!